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Boots and socks... and stupidity

I work for stompersboots (... not for much longer i hope)

Apparently australia has no socks. Or else why would they force me to package up one pair of socks and send them down under? My god- australia is known for its fine wool, cant they make a decent pair of socks? Maybe not, maybe i need to go to sock starved australia and cure them of the sock famine... Its about $11.00 in shipping to australia, and the socks are already $7.75... thats $18.75 for a pair of socks. Shit- i could eat a great meal for that kinda money.. or a fine bottle of wine- or... a hooker?
Moreso- I get calls from china wanting to buy some cheap boots and have us ship them over. Mind you shipping is $54 and more expencive than the $42 boot wich, by the way is MADE in china. Why dont they just drive down to the fucking factory?
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